Gallifray Gypsy Cobs

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The following links provide further information about gypsy cobs, about horses in general, to some other studs and to gypsy cob groups

Associations and groups

New Zealand Gypsy Cob Association:

UK sites

TGCA (Traditional Gypsy Cob Association) Facebook page:

Info and interest

Info about related horses and DNA verification

DNA Database for Gypsy Horses -

Info about layout and management of horse properties:

All about color- warning - addictive!: : Andrew McLean's equitation science site- : Great site with latest research and info on a huge range of horse related topics. Lots of articles, podcasts and vid clips. : Info about clicker training horses

UK Facebook site with harrowing reading about the results of overbreeding- focus on welsh ponies but generally applicable:

Responsible Equine Breeding Society :