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Gallifray Gypsy Cobs

Tracy Wilde -021494533

[email protected]

Cherry Wood Equestrian

Margot Wilde- 0212035267

[email protected]

About Us

Our family of four began the journey with gypsy cobs after a holiday in the UK where we went trekking and met a horse called Tom. Tom was ridden by Andrew- a complete beginner. He was safe, sensible, kind and loved attention. He was a gypsy cob. We had also been looking for childrens' ponies and had struggled to find safe, not too small ponies the children could have fun on and that we were confident they were safe with- both on the ground and ridden.

The gypsy cob breed meets all our criteria- safe, smart, fun, versatile as well as beautiful to look at. They are perfect for children's riding ponies and for adults of all shapes and sizes. As they are a heavy build an adult can comfortably ride a cob of a size that may seem too small in a lighter breed, making cobs truly versatile for the whole family. 

We believe that horses and ponies should be bred for a purpose and should be fit for that purpose. Our horses and ponies are taken out to pony club, to shows and to competitions. Freedom, our stallion, has been actively competed to demonstrate the ability of the breed. We expect them to do what we say gypsy cobs are able to do. We think that temperament is what truly defines a gypsy cob and we strongly believe a gypsy cob should be very functional. 

Our aim is to breed a small number of larger ponies and smaller sized horses that are fun, safe and sensible for children and adults to ride. We do not mass produce and strive to breed and sell responsibly so that our foals go on to have long and useful lives. All our foals are well handled , vet checked, drenched and vaccinated. By keeping our foal numbers low we believe we can give each foal a great start. We think the conformation and temperament of the mare is as important as that of the stallion and therefore we carefully choose the mares we are breeding from. 

Our pure and part bred  gypsy cobs are registered with the New Zealand Gypsy Cob Association. Our foals are all DNA'd to their gypsy cob parent/s as are all NZGCA registered GC's.

Ellie and Quinn at the Mane Event

11.11.2017: unveiling of the War Horse memorial statue.